My Background

  • New Jersey Born & Bred

    From South Jersey, right over the bridge from Philly. I grew up on a farm (seriously). Not everything you see on TV about Jersey girls is true.

  • Law School Relocation

    75% of the way through the evening program,. while working all day as a Paralegal, I learned being an attorney was not for me. Left me in Pittsburgh, PA alone & starting over.

  • Digital Career

    I went back to my marketing roots and started my career in digital in 2011.

  • Silicon Valley Relocation

    I left the east coast with no money in my pocket, but a job and a place to live - driving all 2500 miles across this glorious country. No regrets!

  • Extrovert & Introvert

    I love meeting new people, but prefer smaller, more chill/quiet places. And there are days I need to be alone to 'recharge'. Such is life.

  • Always An Adventure

    If theres an "experience" to be had, I want to have it. Sometimes I even question myself on the risks I take..but YOLO!


Honestly though, how can i choose??

  • Touring amsterdam

    Touring amsterdam

    via bicycle

    Is there any other way to tour Amsterdam?

  • Watching the sunrise

    Watching the sunrise

    over the Grand Canyon

    Ask me about my run-in with a thug deer.

  • Surprise visit to Grandmom

    Surprise visit to Grandmom

    after almost 10 years

    first words: "get in here, you!". True story <3