I’m a jersey girl living in California since 2013 who loves all things digital marketing.  I believe that being your authentic self results in the greatest success, so you will always get the same version of me professionally and personally.

Work Life:
In brief; I act as a translator standing in the middle of clients and the execution teams – conveying client wants and needs, developing project road maps, ensuring development within deadlines, and reporting on results to close projects. My background is a strong balance of customer-facing experience and desired technical skills to execute on projects.  I specialize in short-term projects with high visibility.  Words you will hear me often say:  streamline, consistency, authenticity.  Work-place catch phrases are “enjoying the struggle” and “sweet baby jesus”.

Personal Life:
I truly try to enjoy life.  Happy hours, museums, weekend getaways, hiking, and the list goes on.  Overall, meeting new people, a nice Malbec on a patio, and good conversation are things that make me very happy.