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    My life has truly been an adventure. Most great, some not-so-much,
    all combine to write my story - and make me who I am today.

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  • It is a privilege working with Alicia Phillips from the PureRED advertising agency on the Albertsons-Safeway account. She is methodical, resourceful and very organized. Her ability to connect people, inform the audience and deliver results are amazing. In addition, I can trust that Alicia will ensure all deliverables are rolled out in a timely manner. Alicia not only has a strong understanding of technical capabilities and product management experience for digital marketing, but has also demonstrated the leadership, business acumen and oral and written skills necessary to succeed.

    Mr. Lopez

    Sr. Mgr, Digital Production & Compliance

  • From the moment I met Alicia several years ago, I knew that her strongest asset was her ability to communicate. I knew then, and still maintain, that she is an intelligent, exciting and hard working individual. Alicia dove in with both feet, took charge of her responsibilities and demonstrated strong leadership skills from day one. My experiences as her co-worker convince me that the she will accomplish, with both speed and accuracy, any task that is assigned to her. Alicia is very focused on her day-to-day tasks, is highly goal motivated and works quickly and efficiently. Her attention to detail is extraordinary. Her superior work habits combined with her easy going manner made my time as her co-worker very pleasant and led to a friendship.

    Mr. Omuso

    Executive Director, Non-Profit

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  • 100

    Digital Strategy

    Building overall digital strategy into granular, tactical pieces for execution. Emphasis on KPIs and P&L.

  • 85

    Ecomm Channel Marketing

    Channels worked on include: SEM, Affiliate, Email, Social, Customer Loyalty, Employee Loyalty.

  • 75

    UX Design

    Utilize data and industry insights & learnings to improve conversion funnel experience. Constant Learning area.

  • 90

    Analytic Analysis

    Data nerd who starts each of my decisions with a hunch, and ends them with the supporting data.

  • 95

    Program Managment

    Thrive on the combination of all departments & resources working perfectly in harmony to execute strategy.

  • 80


    The 4P's in Marketing are still relevant - and data hides the secrets for the right combination.