I’m a jersey girl living in California since March 2013 who loves all things digital marketing.  I believe that being your authentic self results in the greatest success, so you will always get the same version of me professionally and personally.

Work Life:
I love working in the Digital Marketing realm. I’ve worked in the auto and retail industries, always with a B2C focus.   My true passion is working with Small Business Owners and really teaching them how to make online marketing work for them and their business.  I’m sure this stems from my Dad owning and operating his own business my whole life and really understanding what it looks like for these brave souls.  E-commerce, User experience, SEO, Social Media tie-in, and purchase funnel experience are top priorities for me.  I’ve had the wonderful experience of speaking at conferences and workshops and really enjoy the audience engagement aspect on those events.  Words you will hear me often say:  streamline, consistency, authenticity.

Personal Life:
I love to really live life to the fullest.  Super weekend warrior with nothing but adventure and exploration on my mind.  Meeting new people, a nice Malbec on a patio, and good conversation are things that make me happy.